USB2U Sponsors Gamebeast Event in Manchester

Occasionally we get asked to sponsor various events in the UK and occasionally (when we’re feeling generous) we’ll say yes. We must have had one of those “moments” recently because we agreed to sponsor the Gamebeast gaming event in Manchester.

Whilst we can’t confess to being ardent gamers ourselves for some reason this request for sponsorship struck a chord with us and we agreed to supply some printed USB card shaped flash drives and some fancy lanyards to go with them.

Gamebeast USB Credit Cards

Ltzonda who organised the event provided the artwork and with a bit of tweaking the USB cards were printed, packed a ready to go in a matter of hours. The cards were given away as prizes to gamers at the event and seemed to go down really well albeit not quite as well as the winners of the copies of the latest Forza 4 and Halo 4 games!! Funny how fickle gamers can be.

Whilst we can’t promise to provide free USB cards to everyone that wants them to promote an event they are running we can promise to supply great looking and top quality printed USB Cards in as little as 24hrs from order – you’ll need to have your artwork ready to go and if you want any data loading onto the USB cards you’ll need this sorted as well. Assuming you can do this and you can get an order to us by 2pm then we can typically get your USB cards printed and delivered to you the following day (in the morning if you’re happy to pay for the morning delivery charges).

If USB credit card shaped drives are not what you want then don’t worry because we stock a wide range of more conventional USB flash drives (some with and some without a cap) that we can also print, dataload and deliver in under 24hrs – call us for details – it’s free if you call from a landline on our 0800 number.

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