USB2U powers ahead with 100% renewable electricity!

USB2U powers ahead with 100% renewable electricity!

USB2U powers ahead with 100% renewable electricity.

we think customer’, ‘we do the right thing’, and ‘together we make a difference’

At USB2U we hold a set of core values close to our hearts. Each of these values are very much people focused and also relate to collaborative efforts. This is important to us because we understand how much our values not only guide our decision making process, they also shape our organisational culture, helping us create an atmosphere that is beneficial for everyone.

One of the ways we have taken steps towards thinking customer, doing the right thing and making a difference, is switching our electricity tarrif to one that guarantees power from 100% renewable energy. Thanks to EON’s commitment to providing energy from sustainable sources, we are able to do our part in reducing emissions.

Is it important for us to switch to renewable energy ?

You see, renewable energy is a breath of fresh air, it’s raw materials are easily sourced, easily replaced and will never run out on us – It’s as simple as it sounds.

Unlike fossil fuels, which contributes to issues like air pollution, gas emissions, and climate change. Renewable energy uses environmentally friendly sources like solar, wind, and hydro, meaning you reduce your carbon footprints. This is important to us as an organisation because we’re not just about talking the talk, we also want to walk the walk.

Powering into progress with EON

“We aim to lead the global shift towards new technology by working with our customers to be more sustainable at home, helping companies to reduce their business carbon footprint and across communities to build smart and sustainable cities”.

The process of changing to 100% renewable electricity was completely easy thanks to EON. Their core foundations focus on offering an eco-friendly and greener future that benefits everyone involved. As a result of this, we couldn’t be more excited to partner and be a part of their amazing work.

USB2U’S Sustainable product range

In line creating a more sustainable environment, we are also building on our eco-friendly product range, where nature meets with tech.

Created from Intertek certified recycled ABS plastic, our  Eco Pro 1000 Power Bank is an eco-friendly gem that sets a new standard in sustainability. The added bonus is that the recycled ABS casing is perfect for showcasing your style with full-colour digital printing, so you can say goodbye to empty batteries and embrace a greener way to charge your devices!












You can also get the Eco Mini Pro 5000 Power Bank for a pocked sized environmentally friendly power bank that ensures you stay charged up throughout the day.













Another fantastic eco friendly and charging solution is the Eco 10W Wireless Charger, It doesn't compromise on style or performance, has a 10W output and can also be printed with full colour, digital branding.











In the meantime, we invite you to read from EON Energy and simply learn from the organisation as much as we have, small changes are a big addition to the bigger picture.

in the mean time, feel free to click this link USB2U and explore more of our eco-friendly product range. Each product is thoughtfully curated to align with our values and to contribute to a greener future.


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