USB2U - English and Proud of it

Why is it as we write this that we have a slight tinge of unease? Why are we so nervous of outwardly expressing our pride at being English – it’s certainly not a problem shared by our friends in Scotland, Ireland or Wales!

Do we have some innate fear upsetting our neighbours within the wider British Isles? Have we lost our sense of identity or are we just concerned about being labelled jingoistic and associated with extremes groups like the National Front and the EDL?

It’s time to reclaim St George’s Day and celebrate it, to celebrate England and all that’s good about this fantastic multi-cultural country that we live in – it’s even time that we were given a day’s public holiday to celebrate it properly! (a recent YouGov poll conducted for the IPPR thinktank found that 73% of the public want St George’s Day to be a public holiday)

Even David Cameron has gotten on the bandwagon by today saying: "I send my best wishes to everyone celebrating St George's Day today," Cameron said. "I think it's great that in recent years it has become more and more popular to mark St George's Day.”

"I'm very proud to be English and I think it is important that people in England can celebrate St George's Day, just as other nations of the United Kingdom celebrate their patron saint's days.”

At USB2U we’re incredibly proud to be English (and British) and we wish all of our customers (English or not) a Happy St George’s Day!

If you want any USB sticks with the St George’s Flag on or anything else for that matter just give us a call or pop onto our website and request a quote.

USB2U - St George's Day

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