USB Yearbooks - Personalised USB Memory Sticks for Schools

We’re rapidly approaching that time when lots of students will be making their preferred and insurance university choices before they then start to focus on the securing the exam results they need to get their place secured. It’s a difficult and emotional time for everyone with because not only are the students dealing with the pressure of exams but they’ll also have to come to terms with saying goodbye to their friends, many of whom they will have been close to for years.

It’s not uncommon now for lots of schools to put together a Year Book to help the students record their memories of the time they spent at the school but some lots of students will also arrange for their own “hoodies”, T-shirts etc.

Another option is a personalised USB memory stick – each USB stick can be printed or engraved with the students name on one side and details of the school on the other. The USB stick can also be pre-loaded with a copy an electronic copy of the school yearbook and could also include video clips of school drama productions, award ceremonies, sports days and of course embarrassing pictures from the Prom Night!

There are lots of different styles of USB sticks to choose from including the popular USB wristbands to the more common “twister” style of drive – they can all be supplied in a printed gift box and optionally with lanyards or keyrings. With prices starting at just a few pounds the USB sticks are a cheaper option that Yearbooks but realistically many students will want the printed version so they are best thought of as a supplementary option that gives more scope to include media clips etc.

USB Wristbands

If the USB sticks are being bought by the school on behalf of the students then there is no pre-payment because the school will automatically be given 30-day credit terms. The lead time to produce the personalised sticks is around 10 days but if you do leave it late don’t worry because at USB2U we can offer a “rush” 24hr delivery service.

To submit the names of the students all we need is a Word Document or ideally an Excel file (any CSV file will do). We supply a mock-up and proof before anything is printed or engraved so there will be plenty of opportunity to make sure you are happy before we “press the button” and produce them all.

USB Yearbooks – now there’s an interesting idea!

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