USB Writing Pens – A Novel Idea

Of course there are very few people that write novels with pens these days with most authors seeming to prefer PC’s or Mac’s. So, apologies for the pun but USB writing pens really are a cracking idea, particularly for seminars, conferences and press events and particularly when the USB pens are branded up with your company logo.

USB Writing Pens

If you think about it most of these activities require companies that are participating in them to hand out lots of supporting material, copies of presentation slides, speaker notes, agendas and details of other forthcoming events/activities. The attendees on the other hand are likely to want to write lots of notes throughout the event(s) so its typical to provide pens to enable them to do this (often provided by the hotel or venue at which the event is being held)

USB writing pens tackle these two requirements in one simple but nevertheless attractive and stylish approach. The USB pens look and work just like any regular pen but they have the added benefit of containing a USB connector and flash memory. So, it’s possible to pre-load all of the conference or event data (speaker notes etc.) onto the USB pens flash memory and to hand these out to the delegates/attendees and equip them not only with the content from the days event but also with a writing pen so they can start making notes straight away.

USB Pens

Typically the USB connector is discretely tucked away inside the main body of the pen and is accessed by unscrewing the top half of the pen. When revealed the USB “half” of the pen can then be used just like any normal USB memory stick. This means that not only can the recipient access and print the data you have stored on it but they can also use the flash memory to save their own data to and carry it around with them.

USB pens are popular because they are easy to carry (simply clip them inside your suit or jacket pocket), they’re


discrete, they look great and they carry branding very well. They’re also a little different from the standard USB flash drives that are typically given away so they create a bit more of an “impact” when given out.

The pens come in a range of different memory sizes starting at 512MB all the way up to 8GB. Some models include a laser pointer and small torch but most are just a “biro” style pens. Because of the need to include a standard USB connector they are a little “fatter” than a conventional pen but not enough to make it a problem or to detract from their overall aesthetics.

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