USB Writing Pen Branded With Your Company Logo

Pens have been used as promotional items for years and have long established themselves as an excellent gift and or giveaway across all demographics. Part of the reason for their on-going popularity is that you can buy branded pens from a few pennies or you can spend significantly more on top-end fountain pens that are supplied in a beautiful presentation box.

USB Writing Pens USB Writing Pens

Although we’re becoming more and more technology obsessed as evidenced by the rapid growth in the use of email, texts, tweeting and social networking there is still a place for the humble pen. Even the most ardent and hard core lovers of technology will still typically carry around with them a pen of some description because even in 2010 its difficult to get by without using a writing pen in some situations. Think about writing birthday cards, signing off your expenses, signing contracts, leaving notes on the desks of colleagues, writing cheques and sending in official application forms to name just a few examples of why we still need a writing pen.

If you are looking to use writing pens as a giveaway, gift or “thank you” at an event, show, seminar or conference then one option is a USB writing pen. These innovative and exciting products combine all of the well know and established benefits of a traditional writing pen with the benefits of a USB flash drive!

USB Pens USB Pens

Embedded in the body of the pen (accessed by unscrewing the body of the pen) is a USB connector, a USB flash memory module and a flash memory controller chip. The USB flash memory element of the pen works just like any standalone USB stick, it can come in memory sizes from 64MB all the way up to a whopping 16GB and it allows the user to store and transfer their personal data with them – all secreted in the body of a writing pen!

USB writing pens are physically no larger than many conventional pens, they can be branded with a company logo just like a conventional pen and as you would expect they write just like conventional pens.

From a pricing perspective USB pens are only marginally more expensive than a standard branded USB memory stick but the dual functionality more than makes up for this small price premium. When comparing the price of USB pens to “standard pens” its more difficult because the price range of pens is so wide – they are of course quite a bit more expensive than standard biro’s but equally they are significantly cheaper than some of the more expensive biro’s, rollerballs and fountain pens that are available.

Most suppliers of branded USB memory sticks will also supply branded USB pens so next time you’re after a quote ask them to include USB pens. You might be surprised at just how inexpensive they are today and your customer, clients and/or staff will love them!

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