USB Wristbands – Something a little Bit Different

One of the challenges when looking to source promotional products is coming up with something that is relevant to your target audience, is appropriate to carry your branding, and is within your budget. It also helps if the product is both interesting, innovative and is not only appropriate to your target audience but is also is the sort of product that they will use on a regular basis and associate some value to.

Its for these reasons that USB Flash drives have become increasingly popular over the last few years either as a

USB wristband

promotional product or as corporate marketing tool that is given out at conferences, seminars, press events and so on. USB flash drives that are printed with a company logo or product brand work well because they have a high perceived value, they can be loaded with valuable content before being given out and they have a high re-usage rate – something that more than justifies the investment in them.

USB flash drives have been with us for almost a decade and during this time there has been a significant amount of investment put into the design and development new types of flash drives (shapes) including capless models like the twister, leather and metal ranges that are particularly robust, versions that look like credit cards and a plethora of novelty ranges such as cans, bottles, hearts etc.

One of the more recent innovations is the USB wristband. This novel product discretely incorporates a USB connector, a USB flash memory module and a USB controller inside a slim, silicone wristband. The USB wristband comes in a range of different “standard” colours or can be produced in any pantone colour you want for a small additional fee. The generous surface area of the wrist band can be printed with your logo leaving plenty of room to print other contact details such as a web address, a telephone number or other marketing “strap line”.

USB wristbands

The USB wrist bands are available in memory sizes ranging from 64MB through to 16GB and just like any regular flash drive you can pre-load them with data files, media files, or any other type of digital file you wish.

With the recent popularity of Silly Bandz, friendship wristbands and charity wristbands the USB wristband is ideal for any product promotion aimed at the youth demographic. Wristbands are currently very much “on trend” in this sector and the USB wristband is well placed to become another favourite. Its also a little different to the many “standard” models of flash drives that companies typically use as a promotional product.

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