USB Web Keys

USB web keys are not to be confused with USB flash drives. They look exactly the same a standard USB drive, they have a regular USB connector and they’re available in all the same sizes and shapes as standard USB drives but with one key difference – they don’t have any on-board memory.

The lack of any memory means that you can’t save files to them and then carry these files around as you would with a regular flash drive. Instead USB web keys are just that, they are “keys” to a web site. When the “USB key” is inserted into a PC it automatically opens up the default web browser used on that PC and then opens the URL that has been stored on the key.

The landing page can be your company web site, your online catalogue or a flash presentation. Using the

USB Keys

pre-programmed USB key to takes customers directly to your preferred web pages without having to worry about typing in the correct web address.

The lack of any memory not only means the USB keys are relatively cheap and they are an ideal solution for supporting new product launches, conducting surveys, running competitions and gathering market research information and much more besides.

Here’s a few possible uses for USB web keys

  • New product launches/updates
  • Online market research
  • Online catalogues
  • Student application forms
  • Online competitions and promotions
  • Online slide presentations or flash presentations
  • Online training programs

Why use a USB web key:

  • They look great
  • Similar form factor (they look just like a flash drive)
  • Everyone instinctively knows how to use them
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • They’re a novel way to drive website traffic
  • They offer excellent marketing opportunities.
  • You can drive customers deep into your web site(s) without having to post “signposts” all over your website.
  • Reach new customers
  • They make an ideal and inexpensive corporate gift

If you’re interested in getting prices for USB key just give our team a call. If you’ve got some artwork just email that over to us and we’ll get our in-house design team to work up some examples of how your USB web key might look.

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