USB Memory Sticks for School Leavers

How will your school be celebrating the departure of students after the summer exams?  Typical activities seem to include academic awards, sports awards and music awards where the high achievers are recognised. Some schools organise School Proms (pretty much unheard of in the UK 10 years ago) whilst others opt for the more traditional end of year disco!

In some cases the students themselves will organise a range of different way to celebrate the end of their school days some of which will be supported or endorsed by the school whilst others will not!

USB Memory Sticks with Names

The use of USB memory sticks by schools as part of these year-end activities has been increasing year on year with lots of schools now buying them to hand out at their awards evenings - when used this way each USB stick is typically printed or engraved with the school name/crest on one side and the students name on the other. Some schools are even going the extra mile a pre-loading the USB sticks with digital copies of the award evening programme and example of the students work, musical performance etc.

It’s also not unusual for students to organise printed USB sticks for their class or group of friends (again with some form of logo or design and their names printed on the sticks) and these will also have images and videos pre-loaded onto them before they are handed out – they’re a “tech” version of the end of term/year “hoodies” that have been popular over recent years.

To make these USB memory sticks really memorable there are now a wide range of really attractive gift boxes that are available to compliment them. Options include engraved wooden gift boxes, printed “premium” white glossy boxes and a fabulous range of printed tins (some with windows and some without).

USB Tin Gift Boxes

All of the gift box solutions can be printed or engraved and like the USB sticks they can each be personalised with a students name and or awards details.

If you wanted to pre-load the USB flash drives with any data files (video’s, images or documents) but you don’t have the time to do it then don’t worry because if you get a “master” file to us we can replicate this onto your USB sticks at no additional cost (subject to a maximum data load of 300MB per stick).

Finally for all school orders there is NO payment upfront – all USB sticks and gift boxes are supplied on 30-day payment terms.

If you’re interested in getting some printed or engraved USB memory sticks for your school just give us a call or fill out the “quote request” form on our website.

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