USB Keys – Attach Them To Your Keyring

Promotional and Branded USB Flash Drives are excellent tools to advertise and promote your business. They’re popular with recipients, they have a high perceived value, they’re small and portable and they look fantastic with a company logo printed or engraved on them.

USB flash drives are also a cost effective way for to distribute sales material, product brochures, price lists, presentation files and media files. Simply pre-load your branded USB flash drives with this data before they are distributed and you save on the printing costs and any associated transportation costs of getting your sales material to shows and events. By comparison the transportation costs of USB flash drives is tiny and these saving often more than offset the purchase cost of the USB sticks.

When choosing a USB flash drive there are a number of key things to consider including:

  • Memory Size – make sure you not only buy a USB memory stick with sufficient memory to accommodate any data you want to pre-load onto the sticks but also make sure there is enough memory available for the recipient to want to use the stick. Too little memory and they’ll never be used and you won’t be any brand exposure/loyalty benefits, too much and you may end up paying more than you wanted.
  • Quality – don’t be lured into buying cheap branded flash drives. If the prices you are being quoted by one supplier seem much cheaper than the other quotes you have been given then its possible that you are being quoted for Grade “B” recycled flash chips. These are typically salvaged chips that will have a high failure rate and will typically suffer from performance issues. Always check with your supplier what Grade and brand of flash memory chip and controller is being supplied.
  • Which Model – there are literally hundreds of different types of USB flash drive available today. They come in all

    USB Key Flash Drive

    shapes and sizes and in a range of standard colours. Typical materials used to manufacture them include; plastic, metal, wood, leather, bamboo or any combination of these. If you can’t find a model to suit your needs then don’t despair because its now very easy to get fully customised flash drives built to your own specification – you just need to allow a little more time to get them designed, manufactured and printed.

  • Portability – most flash drives are relatively small (around 5cm x 2cm) and most come with some way of attaching a keyring or lanyard to them. One of the more recent innovations is the availability of a Key Shaped USB Flash drive. These USB keys are manufactured from metal, they are the same size as a conventional key, they are extremely durable and they fit, as you would expect, on a keyring just like any key. As such the USB Key is probably the most portable of all flash drives and certainly one of the most robust.

Whichever USB flash drive you choose you can be confident that it will money well spent because in terms of promoting your company there are few more popular products around today.

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