USB Folio Packages for Professional Photographers

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking to re-think the way you deliver the portfolios to your clients then you might want to give some serious consideration to the range of USB folios on offer from USB2U.

They now have a range of pre-packaged “bundles” that include a Grade A high performance (uprated) USB memory stick and a USB gift box (all supplied with either a custom cut foam insert of a eco-friendly filling).

The “uprated” USB flash drives ensure you get drives that are faster than run of the mill promotional USB flash drives. Promotional versions are cheaper but they are very slow, they have a much shorter life expectancy and they don’t always handle large image files well (the images tend to break down and have “interference” lines on them!) – Not what you need when you’re delivering a treasured set of memories!

The pricing for the bundles includes all the set-up costs, the print/engraving costs, custom cut foam inserts (or eco fillings for the wooden boxes) and delivery via UPS or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Lead times are around 7 -10 days but they do offer a “rush” service if you need them faster but expect to pay a small rush fee if you need them quickly.

The wooden packaged bundles have been really popular and there a loads of stunning photographs of them in USB2U’s Pinterest pages – many of which have been pinned and posted by the professional photographers themselves. The wooden options seem to be popular because they’re tactile, they’re warm to the touch, they have an earthly and slightly organic feel to them and they can be embellished easily with a ribbon, a hessian bag and handwritten label. They’re also not the sort of USB stick that people can easily pick up at their local supermarket or PC store so there is a feeling of exclusivity and quality about them.

Emma Lawson Photography USB Sticks and Boxes

If wood is not your thing or just won’t work with your branding/image then there are several other packages available which are built around a USB Card, a range of leather USB sticks and the ever popular Twister (Swivel) USB sticks. Again all of these come with packaging options and they all look fantastic.

USB folio packages are definitely the way forward and in the UK USB2U are pretty much the “go to” company to buy them from.  Check out their 2,000 + testimonials on Trustpilot and take a look at the hundreds of images posted on their web pages.

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