USB Flash Drives Used To Celebrate The Life of Relative Who Passed Away

In the ten years we’ve been supplying printed USB flash drives we thought we’d pretty much seen or been asked for everything but a recent request took us by surprise.

In our time we’ve produced custom USB drives in the shape of floor heaters, rubbers, tampons and eggs, we’ve printed USB flash drives for football clubs, schools, companies that sell 4-D images of babies in the womb, theme parks, charities, photographic studios and lots more besides.

We’ve even done plenty of printed USB sticks for people celebrating the birth of their child, lots of engagements and milestone birthdays (40th’s 50th etc.) and we do our fair share of USB sticks for wedding photographers but, until last week we’d never been asked to supply USB sticks for a funeral!

Our customer, whose father had died, purchased the sticks to hand out to mourners attending the funeral. The sticks were printed with a photograph of his father and personal memorabilia was pre-loaded onto each stick including photographs of his father throughout his life, extracts from books and poems he enjoyed reading and music that he loved to listen to.

The general thrust of the idea was that the funeral was to be a celebration of his fathers life and he wanted to give every mourner something that gave them a real insight into the man that his father was. Lanyards were attached to each USB stick and the mourners were actively encouraged to wear them during the funeral service and then to take them home, plug them in and use the images and files loaded on the sticks to remind themselves of the man they knew and loved.

It’s a great idea, not one we’d have thought of and probably not an idea that will appeal to many but it does demonstrate the diversity of use that USB memory sticks (printed and pre-loaded) are being put to these days.

Today not only are large elements of lives shared on-line through Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, but we also post photographs on services like Flickr, we share out thoughts on blogs and we share endless amounts of information via our smartphones.

As such it should have come as no surprise that even in death, images and information about continues to be distributed.

Consider this, we now capture and store on USB sticks images of babies whilst still in the womb, images of birthdays throughout our lives, our engagement, our weddings and now our death – the “circle of life” now stored and distributed on a USB Flash Drive.

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