USB Flash Drives - Divided By A Common Language

There can’t be many products that are commonly used around the world today that are referred to in so many different ways. Whilst some differences can be explained by local or geographical variances the fact that the humble USB Flash Drive is known by so many different names can make life challenging when you’re trying to buy (or sell) them!

Twister Flash Drives

Whilst we tend to call them USB flash drives here’s our list of the names that we also know they are called – its not an exhaustive list by any means and we welcome any contributions to help us complete this interesting and challenging naming conundrum:

  1. Flash Drive (our favourite)
  2. Memory Stick
  3. Pen Drive
  4. Thumb Drive
  5. Data Stick
  6. Flash Disk
  7. Data Drive
  8. Travel Drive

Whether you call them pen drives or memory sticks we sell them and we sell them in their tens of thousands to schools and companies with their logos printed or engraved on them.

We’ve got hundreds of different models and styles and we can pretty much supply them in any colour you want with anything you want printed on them. If you don’t find a design you like then we’ll make a custom model for you (just allow a little more time and money for fully customised versions).

Don’t forget the main use of these flash drives is to store and carry data so if you are thinking of buying to give them away it makes sense to use the available memory to pre-load your own data file on first. These files could be anything including sales brochures, technical data sheets, press releases, movie clips or price lists.

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