USB Flash Drives – Are Gift Boxes A Good Idea

If you’ve decided to buy some promotional USB flash drives then one of the things you’ll need to consider is whether you need any packaging to go with them. Typically promotional USB flash drives are supplied in nothing more than a simple polythene bag or, at best, a basic white cardboard box.

Wooden Flash Drive in Box

This basic packaging is fine in lots of circumstances but if you want to make a real impact with your printed and branded USB flash drives then it might be worth spending a little more and getting some presentation of gift boxes manufactured to compliment the USB sticks.

Whilst there is a growing and strong “anti-packaging” lobby and we’re all being asked to think carefully before we spend money unnecessary items like gift boxes there are times when a gift box is not only necessary but it’s a key part of your overall business or marketing plan.

Flash Drive in Tin

Whilst its accepted that most gift and presentation boxes will end up in the bin (hopefully in a recycling bin) they do play a key role in elevating a simple flash drive into something that has a lot more “wow” and panache. It’s difficult to conceive a situation where you would hand out awards or gifts to key staff, executives or attendees at a major press event or launch and hand over the flash drives in a polythene bag!

When you give a USB flash drive as a “gift” rather than just as a hand out at a trade show then the packaging is important. The thought that has gone into the way in which the flash drive is presented is just as important as the care that is taken to print or engrave the flash drive itself. Just like any gift when the flash drive is handed out it’s the initial impact that it makes which is just as important as the gift itself – those initial few seconds are critical to making a good impression and a well packaged, branded USB flash drive will make a much better and stronger impact than a flash drive handed out in a plastic bag.

Initial impressions count and you rarely get a second chance so don’t skimp on the packaging.

If you’re business is pushing an “eco-friendly” message or product then of course packaging might not be appropriate albeit eco-friendly boxes manufactured from bamboo or recycled paper/cardboard are also available.

If you’re planning to distribute your flash drives though retail channels then boxes or packaging of some description are an absolute must – not only will they help protect the flash drive but they’ll help to differentiate your product from any others that might be on sale.

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