USB Credit Card Packaging Options

One of the more popular promotional USB flash drives at the moment is the USB Credit Card. The beauty of this product is that its only 2mm thick, it has a large, flat print area making it ideal for printing large complex images and it fits easily and comfortably into any pocket or wallet.

Despite being so thin these USB Credit Cards are available in a wide range of sizes starting at 1GB and going all the way up to 16GB. The cards have a high-perceived value and when printed up in full colour on both sides they look absolutely stunning.

USB Credit Card Wallet

As standard the USB cards are normally supplied in clear “ploy-bags” or plain white cardboard boxes. These are fine but if you really want to create a good impression with the cards your could distribute them in a custom wallet or box.

Custom wallets and boxes are a little more expensive but not prohibitively so. Custom wallets are around 25p each and magnetic clasp boxes are around 50p each – both can be customised with a logo or brand.

If you’re targeting “high net worth” clients then something like the USB credit card would be a great choice. Ideally make sure you pre-load the cards with your sales material, presentation files, media files etc. before you hand them out – by doing this the savings you make by not printing and collating this material can offset the cost of buying the USB sticks.

USB Credit Card in Box

Something that is often over looked when buying promotional or branded USB memory sticks is how easy the product is to post out as part of a Direct Mail campaign. Some of the larger, more traditional USB sticks are just think enough to increase the price to post them from the “standard letter” tariff to the “package” tariff – this subtle change can add significantly to outbound postage costs.

USB credit cards on the other hand are so thin that even in a wallet or slim gift box they still meet qualify for the cheaper “standard letter” tariff – so, if you’re planning to send lots out in the post it’s well worth buying the credit card version.

There are several models of USB Credit Cards (also know as wafer cards) available the primary difference between them is how thick they are and how the USB connector is revealed – some twist out, some flip out and some rotate – if you’re not sure which model will work best for your particular project then make sure to ask you supplier for a sample of two – these will typically be “dummy” samples with no on-board memory but they will help you to see and feel the product in the flesh.

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