USB Credit Cards Offer Lots of Presentation Options

The USB Credit Card has become one of the most sought after promotional items of recent months. The surge in interest has been driven by improvements in the design of the USB cards that has seen their thickness reduce to just 2mm! So, not only are the USB credit cards the same shape as a standard bank or credit card but they are pretty much the same thickness as well.

USB Credit Card Mailer Packs

When you consider that these USB credit cards contain a USB connector (to allow you to plug it into your PC’s USB port), a flash memory module (onto which the data is stored) and a flash memory controller chip (the brains of the unit) it just demonstrates how far miniaturisation has come over recent years.

USB Credit Card Pack

Unlike standard USB flash drives that tend to be rectangular “blocks” the credit card version can be slipped easily and discretely into a wallet or bag. Not only that but the cards open up all sorts of exciting branding and printing options that are simply not achievable on a standard USB flash drive because of the limited amount of space onto which you can print.

Available in a range of different styles (they’re all the same shape and size but there are different ways in which the USB connector is “revealed” from the credit card body) they come in memory sizes starting from 1GB all the way up to 16GB. Cost wise they are a little more than standard USB flash drives but not much more than you might think and if you have a complex logo or you want to include a strap line that’s readable when printed (difficult on a standard USB drive) then USB credit cards are definitely the way to go.

There are also a number of different packaging and presentation options available with the USB credit card including boxes, leather wallets and mailer packs where the USB card is supplied inside a custom pack. The beauty of these custom packs (or to be fair any of the credit card packaging options) is that they are great for mailing campaigns. If you are going to send them out in the post the thinness of the cards means you can still post them using “regular” 1st class or 2nd class postage rates whereas standard “rectangular” flash drives are typically too thick to be treated as “Letter Post” so the cost of distribution goes up significantly. In fact any small incremental cost to buy a credit card USB is more than offset by postage savings.

USB Credit Card Wallet

But, its not just the mailing cost savings and the larger print area that makes the USB cards a winner. The cards are new, exciting and different and they make a real impact when handing out or used in mail shots. Given one of the primary objects of using them, as a promotional tool is to build a strong affinity to your brand this is exactly the reaction you need from any promotional item or “gift”

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