USB Buyer Beware – Holidays approaching off the Starboard Bow

Just as the UK starts to return to normal after the long summer holidays China is preparing for an extended break. The reason for the holiday is National Day and whilst you might have little interest in public holidays in China this particular holiday is long enough to have a serious impact on the supply of USB memory sticks into the UK.

If you’re thinking of ordering any branded USB memory sticks in the near future it’s worth understanding the implications of the forthcoming National Day holiday in China.

The National Day of the People’s Republic of China is a public holiday that celebrates the formation of the People’s Republic of China on the 1st October 1949. It’s celebrated across mainland China and Hong Kong and is traditionally kick-started with massive firework displays and a range of other government organised festivities that include parades, concerts, flower and water festivals.

Most factories and offices will close on the 30th September and won’t re-open again until Monday 8th October. Strictly speaking the “official holiday break” is only 3 days long but it’s become common for these 3 days to be extended into what is now known as the “Golden Week”.

This extended break allows millions of workers in the cities and industrial regions to return home to spend time with their families so it’s not a good time to visit China because the transport infrastructure gets maxed out. A situation not helped by the transport staffs who understandably also take time off during the Golden Week to be with their families!

In the lead up to the 30th September our factory in China will be working extended shifts to clear all orders they have on their schedule – anything not on the schedule or missed will not get produced and printed until week commencing 8th October and even then it’s a “bun fight” as customers fight to get priority for their orders.

Our advice is to plan ahead, buy or order your printed USB memory sticks in good time and certainly in advance of the National Holiday. If you do find yourself needing printed USB memory sticks in a hurry and your normal suppliers can’t deliver then give us a call at USB2U. We carry lots of UK stock all year round and we can print and delivery USB memory sticks in as little as 24hrs.

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