USB Business Cards Say A Lot About You

At a time when more and more people are sharing information about themselves via services like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and then exchanging information via smartphones is there still a place for the traditional paper business card?

When you stop and think about it, it does seem strange with the amount of technology most of us carry around and take into meetings that so many of us still use traditional business cards to share information about ourselves and the company we represent.  After all, most people that are given a card will simply transfer the information from the card onto their PC, their phone or iPad and then more often than not the card is discarded. It’s rare these days that people hang onto the cards and build their own business card collections. Businesses selling business card wallets and Roladex are surely living on borrowed time!

If you still want or plan to give out business cards then why not think about upgrading from a basic paper card to a USB business card. These a plastic “business card” shaped USB flash drives that can be printed (on both sides) with your company details, logo and your personal contact details – they look like a business card and at 2mm thick they’re only marginally thicker than their paper counterpart.

USB Business Cards

But, the real beauty of these USB Business Cards is that they work just like a regular flash drive and they’re available in a range of different memory sizes from 1GB all the way up to 16GB. The on-board storage (which is vast) allows you to pre-load the card with basic information like your contact details, your product catalogues, price lists, technical sheets, media file etc. In fact, anything that can be digitised can be pre-loaded onto the cards before they are handed out.

USB Business Card

Of course the recipient will still have to transfer (or digitally copy) the information from the card but because the card is likely to be a little bit different from anything they’ve been given before it will “prick their interest”, it will make you and your company more memorable. Additionally there will  be a stronger likelihood that they’ll read the information you give them and more fundamentally because there will be store space left on the card they can use for their own personal data there is a strong likelihood they will keep the card and use it regularly.

Fundamentally we think business cards are in the last throws of their life but if you are going to give them out then perhaps now is the time to switch to a USB business card.

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