USB Business Cards – Delivered in 24hrs

Here’s an interesting idea – don’t just hand out an inert paper based business card during your next meeting or at a trade show or event card but instead upgrade your business cards and hand out the latest USB business cards!

USB business cards are the size of a credit or bank card, they are printed with the same information as a usual business card (name, title, company details, phone numbers, email address and your company logo etc.) but the one big difference is that the card has up to 16GB of on-board memory. The on-board memory can start at 1GB and options at 2GB, 4GB, 8Gb and 16GB are available.

USB Business Cards

Although they look like any standard business card, they work just like any regular USB flash drive – just “flip out” the USB connector and connect it to any PC or Mac and your business card can deliver thousands of documents, a full multi-media experience or links to your website or any combination of these!

So, instead of your business card supplying basic contact information about you and your business it can now offer the recipient pretty much anything you want to offer them including company presentations, product brochures, price lists, media files, (movies, audio file etc.) links to your web site, flickr pages and Facebook pages etc.

They’re ideal for use at Trade Shows, Press Events, Seminars, and Company Visits/Meetings. The fact that the recipient can

USB Business Cards

make use of the memory (storage) on your USB business card to save and store their own data means there is much more likelihood they are going to remember you, your business and what you have to offer them.

You might not want to replace all of your business cards with USB cards simply because of the cost but selective replacement and use makes sense because of the advantages they offer and the opportunity for greater opportunity for brand development they deliver.

USB2U can supply USB business cards on very competitive terms and uniquely they can supply them printed in as little as 24hrs. Although the minimum order is 25 cards you can have 25 different and contact details printed on each card or you could have them all the same – your call.

The pricing might surprise you as well – compared to a small print run of paper cards on a “rush” service they don’t work out that much more expensive. Give the team at USB2U a call or fill in the online quote form on their web site and they’ll get back to you in a flash!

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