Twister Memory Sticks – Something Of A Chameleon

Famed for being able to change their skin colours the Chameleon is not unlike the Twister Branded Memory stick the clip of which can be changed to a different colour or different print relatively quickly and easily.

Unlike the Chameleon the Twister USB does this not to blend into its natural habitat but rather to ensure its stands out from the crowd. Unique amongst flash drives the Twister model can be a live saver. Why? Well if you’ve ordered several hundred printed twister flash drives and you make a mistake in signing off the artwork but only notice this when they arrive then all is not lost. The “clip” that rotates and has the brand or logo printed onto it can be removed relatively easily and replaced with a correctly printed clip.

Twister USB Clips

The same applies if you’ve ordered too many Twister memory sticks for a particular event. Don’t worry any more if the information printed onto the flash drive is event specific because now rather than waste any you have left over you can simply get some replacement clips printed up for a fraction of the cost of new sticks.

If you fancy changing the colour or the overall look and feel of the flash drives then you could replace them with a different coloured clip (either plain or printed). Again this is easy to do and much cheaper than buying new flash drives. If you’re planning to change the clips yourself there is an art to doing it so that you don’t scratch the clip or bend it out of shape - give us a call and we can talk you through it.

Twister Colour Clips

Don’t worry if you’ve pre-loaded data on the memory sticks and you want to use them for a different event/show and now need to remove the data. Any supplier with USB data duplication capabilities can reformat (erase) the data from the memory sticks quickly and easily and for very little cost.

So, if you’re looking for a branded memory sticks with Chameleon like qualities and a memory stick that offers lots of flexibility moving forward then the Twister model is a great choice. Its already one of the best selling products in the Classic range sold by USB2U without all the additional benefits discussed here.

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