Trust Our Branded USB Snowmen To Deliver Your Christmas Message

We’re rapidly approaching that time of year when you need to start thinking whether you’re going to send Christmas cards and/or Christmas gifts to your customers and staff. Just like last year it’s a tough call again because the economic circumstances suggest that companies need to be sensitive to the pressures many people are facing and to reign in all profligate spending.

USB Xmas Trees

With thousands more expected to be on the list of unemployed this Christmas the outlook for many is bleak and prospects in the short term are poor. Against this backdrop any Christmas spend needs to be appropriate, measured and thoroughly considered or it may backfire on you and send out the wrong message.

So, if you are looking to say “Thank You” to your customers for the business they have given you over the last 12 months or perhaps you want to show your appreciation to your staff for their commitment over the year the message is to do so in an appropriate manner. Despite the tough times we find ourselves in there is a balance between doing nothing and appearing uncaring, unappreciative and mean spirited and doing too much and appearing recklessly extravagant.

Finding this balance is not always easy but if you can keep the spend per customer or employee within a budget of say £3-£5 whilst at the same time giving something that is either fun, meaningful or has a higher perceived value then your actions are more likely to be thanked and appreciated rather than criticised within certain sectors or indeed criticised by your own staff. If you can give something that helps to promote your brand beyond the Christmas period then so much the better.

Xmas USB Sticks

In the “fun and amusing” category you might consider branded USB Christmas Trees or USB Snowmen. These are designed for a desktop, they plug into any spare USB port to power them (so no batteries required) and they light up and cycle through a range of different colours and some play a melody of Christmas tunes. They’re easy to brand and they bring a smile to the face of anyone that they are given to.

Within the same price range are branded USB memory sticks. These ever-popular products can be printed up with a company logo and appropriate Christmas message. You could even pre-load a Christmas greeting or virtual Christmas card onto the USB sticks that automatically display when the USB stick is used. If you’re sending the branded USB memory sticks out to current or prospective customers you don’t have to stop at just pre-loading your Christmas greeting, why not consider loading any electronic versions of your sales brochures or latest press releases at the same time.

Branded USB products are great value at the moment and generally very well received and as such they make excellent Christmas gifts

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