Top 4 Branded USB Memory Stick For Schools, Colleges and Universities

Most educational establishment now offer branded USB memory sticks to both pupils and staff alike. With so many USB models in the market the following details 4 models that should tick most of  the boxes.

Option 1. Capless

For obvious reasons the most popular memory sticks are those without a cap to lose.  Not only is there the inconvenience factor of losing the cap, it could be argued that caps are a choke hazard.

By far the most popular cap less model is the Twister as it has a rubberised body and sturdy metal clip and comes is a range of different colours.

Twister USB - from USB2U Twister USB - from USB2U

Option 2. Slap Wristbands

These memory sticks fit around the wrist so are easy to access, difficult to lose, made from a rubberised material for greater protection and above all they look great.  They come in a range of vibrant colours and plenty of room for branding.

USB Snapband - from USB2U USB Snapband - from USB2U

Option 3. Lanyards / Neckties

These USB models are built into the form of a lanyard. Easy to carry, keep safe and accessible. However, these MUST come with a safety release clip to ensure no pupils get hurt if the lanyards get caught.

Lanyard USB - from USB2U Lanyard USB - from USB2U

Option 4. Carabiner Style

This is a new style of branded memory stick that can be attached to a belt or bag, making it harder to lose. They made from a robust material and look great.

Carabiner USB - from USB2U Carabiner USB - from USB2U


Finally educational establishments need to consider how memory sticks that get mislaid are repatriated with their owner. To achieve this consider adding either a signature strip onto the memory stick or ask about having them personalised when placing your order.

An attractive alternative it a metal tag with the owner’s name engraved onto it and can be attached to any style of memory stick.

Personalised USB Sticks - from USB2U Personalised USB Sticks - from USB2U

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