The World's First Antibacterial USB Stick

The World's First Antibacterial USB Stick

Now available from USB2U, is the world's first truly antibacterial USB stick, perfect for stopping the spread of harmful germs and bacteria in settings such as an office, a school or more.

Available in up to 32GB of memory, this flash drive is encased inside a shape retaining copper alloy material, which is dust, water and shock resistant. This casing is then coated in a special worldwide-patented composite material which has been scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria on contact.

The Iron Care USB is a very unique USB flash drive, and one which is ideal for any company operating within the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, hospitality or educational sectors right now, or for organisations that are generally committed to improving overall health and safety standards for their staff, customers or guests.

This USB will make it much safer to pass between staff or students, although for obvious reasons, normal precautions should still be taken to keep it clean at all times.

The design of the USB casing is based on the hugely popular range of Iron Stick USBs. These are a variety of small, minimalist and modern USB designs made of metal, with an integrated loophole and no need for an end cap.

This type of USB is usually engraved with a company logo, but can also be pad printed in up to four different colours with a logo, message or even a slogan without any risk of weakening the properties of the patented composite material.

For more information on the Iron Care, please click here, or you can contact us on 01604 685 040.

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