The Twister: The Most Popular Promotional Branded USB Flash Drive

The Twister USB flash drive is, by a long stretch, the most innovative design that has been introduced into the USB flash drive marketplace since its inception. It has fused the functionality and cost-effectiveness of the latex covered plastic circuit board and chip housing with the robustness of the metal body that has been introduced through the metal Twister USB flash drive. This has helped in maintaining the quality standards required of the USB flash drives and yet keeps the sleek design and the versatility of the USB gadget intact.

The defining features that help to distinguish the Twister USB flash drive from the other contemporary USB flash drives are listed below.

1. This USB flash drive has a twisting metal casing that safeguards the actual USB connector from impacts and falls in any environment that the USB flash drive is used in. The absence of a cap eliminates the possibility misplacing the cap of the USB flash drive and as a result could result in damage to the USB.

2. The tough metal casing will ensure that your data is protected from external sources. This advantage, along with high data retention capacity of the Twister makes it very popular with the people who are more inclined to use USB flash drives for portable data storage.

3. The toughness of the Twister USB flash drive is not the only party trick for this leader of innovative USB flash drives. The visual appearance of the Twister” is also a huge reason why USB users are attracted to this particular USB flash drive so much. The elegant rubberized-feel body of the Twister innovative twisting metal case that could be swung aside to reveal the actual USB flash drive captivates users.

4. The Twister with its ‘expensive’ looks and sturdy structuring is an asset to behold for corporate customers. They very often use this product as printed, branded, promotional gifts to enhance their brand image and an provide an increase in brand retention among their existing consumer base. There is also an option to utilize laser engraving to embed a company logo on the external casing. This double advantage allows companies to increase chances of converting their prospective clients through a marketing campaign that has been strengthened to double over the conventional USB flash drives.

Therefore, you can ascertain for yourself the superlative advantage that the Twister USB flash drive has on offer. If, in the past, you have been wary of the dangers to your chosen, stylish USB flash drive due to rough handling, you can put them to rest by using the Twister. It has taken the functional qualities of a standard USB flash drive and the style of a well-designed fashion accessory to produce one of the most innovative technological marvels in the promotional USB flash drive industry in recent times.

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