Top 5 Most Popular USB Stick Designs

Promotional USB Twister Flash Drives

In response to the growth in the market for USB flash drives overprinted with a company logo, the flash drive industry has responded and now there are hundreds of different designs and styles available. In fact the choice is now so vast that it often overwhelms people looking to source printed USB flash drives for the first time. If you fall into this “overwhelmed by choice” category then its perhaps worth knowing what USB flash drives are the most popular with other companies and why.

Seen as the stalwarts of the logo USB sector at the moment, there are 5 current contenders for the USB popularity crown; whilst fashions and designs will inevitably change over time, so far we’ve yet to find a USB model that pushes these 5 off the top spots!

The Twister

Black and Yellow Twister Black and Yellow Twister

The Twister style memory stick (also referred to as the ‘Swivel’) is the “daddy” of the logo USB series of memory sticks accounting for over 50% of all the branded memory sticks we’ve sold since we started!

Because they are so popular and because they have a high-perceived value, they are now being widely used as promotional items and by companies who give them away to staff, to delegates at conferences/events or as a sales promotion. As such, literally millions are produced each year and printed up with a company logo before being “given away”. The fact that it’s one of the cheapest USB flash drives available helps of course!

Like most great designs, it’s the simplicity that makes this particular flash drive a long-term winner. The Twister prints up really well, its small but not too small, it works with a lanyard and/or key ring, there’s no cap to lose and it now comes with a range of different coloured “twister clips” so you can produce a “mono” effect (black body with a black clip or white body with a white clip).  These simple elements combined with the option to pantone match the body shell to a company’s brand make it a real favourite.

a)    It’s available from stock (handy if you’re up against a tight deadline for your logo USB sticks) in a wide range of colours and the plastic (or rubber) body shell can be pantone matched at very little cost to one of the primary colours from your logo. Pantone matched versions are getting more popular and look sensational.
b)    The twisting metal casing (hence the name) protects the USB connector from accidental damage and means there is no cap to lose.
c)    It’s relatively small. The Twister is a compact USB memory stick so it’s easy to carry and store, and despite its size it carries a logo well.
d)    It’s tough. The combination of the metal case and the rubberised body make it a particularly tough memory stick.
e)    It’s easy to print on and its one of the few memory sticks that you can print a true 4 colour process onto. Real “photo-effect” finishes are possible making it the ideal choose if you have a complex brands or logos to reproduce.


Chic_USB_Flash_Drive_Main-5 The Chic USB Flash Drive

The Chic style memory stick is a classic shaped design that’s pleasing on the eye, takes print well and just looks good branded with a logo. Of course it’s important that you choose the right colour to compliment your logo, but if you struggle to find the right standard colour the Chic can also be pantone matched.

a)    Simple straight lines with a good sized and flat surface area for printing have helped The Chic model make it into the number two slot. Available in either a glossy or rubberised finish, the Chic can be pantone matched for a very small additional fee.
b)    Supports Pantone matching of body – if you’d like your corporate pantone colour matched to the body of the drive we can do this at an affordable price - see our Pantone Matching page for more details.
c)    You can choose a rubberised or glossy finish – there is no additional cost. When you place your order just let your Account Manager know which option you’d like.
d)    Integrated loop for key rings or lanyards – if you want to connect a lanyard or key ring to your branded memory stick then again it’s easy with the Chic because the design incorporates this.
e)    Cost – as it's from our Classic Series, this means it’s one of the least expensive memory sticks, so if you are working on a tight budget it’s a great choice without having to compromise on the quality or look of the product.


Probe UBS Flash Drive - Printed and Delivered in 24hrs

The Probe logo USB flash drive has real panache and versatility. It comes in a range of different colours and can have an alternative coloured cap to the body allowing you to make a real statement.

a)    Can be printed in up to 4 spot colours on both the cap and the body, including red, yellow, white and blue.
b)    Like the Twister and Chic, the Probe can be pantone colour matched for an extremely professional finish
c)    Available in both a matt (rubberised) and gloss finish
d)    Available in memory sizes ranging 128MB up to a very substantial 64GB
e)    Printing can be done on both the front and back, giving lots of options to how you would like to present your logo and information

Twister Mono

Mono USB Twister Mono USB Twister

This new variant of the classic Twister is gaining lots of plaudits and customers. The simple idea of producing them with matching “clips” (the bits that twist or rotate) so that you can produce and “all black” or “all white” version has created a new set of customers for this model.

a)    This monochrome version of the Twister gives a striking impression to customers both old and new!
b)    Available in a range of memory sizes starting at 128MB and going all up way up to 64GB
c)    The Twister Mono can be pantone matched and comes with matt rubber coating included
d)    The metal clip can also be colour matched if desired
e)    Matching packaging and accessories are also available for this USB stick, including brandable

USB Credit Cards

USB Credit Cards USB Credit Card

USB Credit Cards are very much the “new kids on the block” and boy are they making their presence felt. The early versions of these were pretty thick and as a result not so popular, but the new versions of the USB credit cards (including the Flip) are only 2mm thick and they look fantastic - not least because you can print on the whole of the surface area of the card. These are the same size and shape as a standard bankcard and fit easily into a wallet alongside real credit and debit cards, giving them their own “share of wallet”. The growing popularity of the USB Credit Card “might” threaten the crown of the “twister” but its early days yet…

a)    Great print area to print larger or complex logos onto
b)    Room for a good strong loop to connect a key ring or lanyard to
c)    Whilst most popular in the traditional bank card shape and size, these are also available as circles, squares, rectangles and even ovals
d)    The Slider version of the USB card is a little thicker at 3.5mm but has a pop-out USB connector that simply “slides” out (hence it’s name), meaning it is very versatile for use “on the go”
e)    Our range of USB memory cards are available in a range of sizes from 128MB up to 64GB

It’s also possible to have a bespoke (custom) branded USB flash drive created in the shape of one of your company’s products, e.g. a fork lift truck, a car or even a drink bottle. In fact, pretty much anything you can think of can be manufactured, so don’t panic if any of the top 5 aren’t for you – give us a call on 0800 008 7079 and we’ll talk you through the process of creating your very own custom USB order!

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