The Sun Has Got its Hat on – USB Fans to the fore

Hands up how many people will be complaining today that it’s too hot in their office or workplace. We’re a fickle lot us British. Lots of us are going to be blessed with another day of gorgeous weather and soaring temperatures but instead of rejoicing in the amazing weather lots of us will take this early opportunity to moan that it’s “too hot”!

With the mercury set to rise to a 25C (77F) in the South East it means we’ll be basking in temperatures higher than Rome, Marseille, Athens and Madrid. Only those lucky enough to be off work or able to escape early will really benefit though. For the rest the excitement of great weather and brilliant sunshine is likely to be tempered by how good the air-conditioning is in your work place. Let’s face it no one like to be sitting in an office or on a train sweating or equally being subjected to colleagues that are sweating and struggling with the heat.

Of course these days more and more building and vehicles are fitted with air-conditioning units but these are expensive, they tend to dry the air out and if they’re public or office units they cool the air to a temperature that someone else has prescribed as being a “suitable temperature” and this can often be too cold or too hot.


USB Fans Promotional USB Fans

An alternative option is to use good old-fashioned fans. They don’t cool the air (or dry it out) in the same way that air-conditioning units do but they do make things much more bearable and pleasant. The added benefit of using fans is that they are typically small enough to control a personal space so you can be completely in charge of how they are used.

In offices where most people use a PC a simple solution is to give everyone a USB fan. These simply plug into any spare USB port (no batteries or additional main power is needed) and they can be directed as the user sees fit. They’re quiet, easy to use and they can be branded with a logo or design.

If they are printed with a brand or logo then because the fans are typically directed towards the face the user the brand will get loads of exposure as the fan is used. At only a couple of pounds each (branded) they make a really cost effective promotional gift and they’re usually really well received.

At USB2U we carry thousands of USB fans in stock and can get them branded up for you and delivered in a matter of days!

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