The Perfect Branded USB Storm

With the growing trend in branded USB memory sticks as a vehicle to distribute promotional material, speed of production and delivery are becoming critical. The vast majority of branded USB memory sticks are manufactured in the Far East and it won’t come as any surprise that most ship from China / Hong Kong.

The normal delivery timeframe for printed USB memory sticks via a UK supplier is around 10 working days, including 3 days to arrive from the Far East. However, recently there have been several elements that have impacted this delivery period.

Branded USB Flash DRive amoungst storm clouds and lightening

  • Typhoon Vincent has ravaged Hong Kong and Shenzhen areas. This is the primary manufacturing and transportation hubs for branded USB memory sticks. Infrastructure has been damaged and flights delayed.
  • The Olympics is bringing in an influx of competitors, visitors and associated goods. This is limiting cargo space, as well as increasing the length of time for imports to be processed by customs.
  • Delivery in the UK, in particular around Olympic venues are being disrupted and courier companies are taking longer to deliver, as well as, charging an additional delivery fee.

So what can you do if your important event cannot wait! Put simply, do not take the risk and order your memory sticks from a UK supplier, such as USB2U, that holds a broad range of models and has in-house print facility. Whilst it may cost a little more, you can sleep easy and enjoy watching the Olympics, knowing that the memory sticks will be delivered within 24 hrs.

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