The Best Overall Branded USB Package that Saves You Shopping Around

This weekend our in-house designer spent his well-earned money on a brand new SLR camera.  As most people would do when spending a lot of money, he put time into researching the best camera for his needs looking at mega-pixels, lens sizes and all things 'techy' that photographers look for.  As he searched the mainstream camera retailers he noticed one company selling a 32GB USB flash drive for £101.95!  (Sadly you do notice things like that when you are in the USB flash drive business).

red usb sticks with price tagsUnlike the £500 Cartier 4 GB flash drive that we wrote about on our blog last month, this drive was not cased in palladium.  Our designer couldn’t believe his eyes and even took the time to email his fellow ‘USB interested’ colleagues about his unbelievably expensive find.  A simple search online revealed that a whole host of companies were selling the exact same 32 GB USB Flash Drive for less than a third of the price of the mainstream camera retailer.

Our designer managed to save over £60 on the camera that he bought and the example of the 32 GB USB flash drive also highlights the importance of shopping around on price when spending a lot of money on a product.  Along with price, there are a lot of other aspects that need to be taken into account when shopping around.

Quality, service, speed and ease of purchase are just a few things that should be considered when buying a product, especially USB sticks.  We are always working on the quality and detail of our offering so that we can give our customers the best overall package.

More specifically, we fit the bill in each category for the following reasons:

  • Quality Products:  Our flash drives are fitted with Grade A chips.
  • Speed:  We respond to enquiries within two hours of reception so that you can have answers and quotes when you need them.
  • Quality service:  A dedicated account manager over every job and free visual mock-ups with your company logo to see the impact of your USB flash drive.
  • Ease of Purchase:  7-10 day turnaround after the reception of your artwork.
  • Price:  We will always aim to price match a like for like quote.

So, no matter how much you shop around for your branded USB sticks, considering our overall service and package we are sure that you will not find a better overall offer and will certainly not find it for a third of the price.

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