Taking Branded Memory A Step Further

Using branded USB flash drives as a promotional giveaway has many benefits but one big advantage over other promotional merchandise is the usefulness and valuable appeal. Since a USB flash drive is a piece of electrical technology it has a much larger appeal to customers and potential clients than a pen, key ring or post-it notes. The appeal to customers is evidently the usability of the USB device for personal use so the larger the amount of memory the better.  If you are anything like us you probably have a few different branded USB flash drives that you have collected over the past few years floating around your desk and in your drawers, but you only seem to use the 8GB or 16GB memory stick because you know that you will rarely be stuck for space.

printed USB hard drives

It is obvious that the more memory that you have in your custom USB flash drives the more useful they will be to customers, the more they will use them and the more brand exposure that you will get from each memory stick.  The down side is that the memory stick is the most expensive component of the flash drive and more memory means slightly more money per drive.  We understand that the size of memory in your promotional USB flash drives will depend on the company, project budget and use of the flash drives, however the benefits to be considered are the customers re-use of the flash drive, the perception of the company from the memory size and the data size that can be pre-loaded onto the drive.  One company that we did a job for was well aware of these benefits and didn’t want to risk anything.

We have just branded a large batch of 500GB 2.5” hard drives pre-loaded with only just over 7GB of pre-loaded data.  ‘Why 500GB hard drives for only 7GB of data?’ you might ask.  It’s clear that this company understands the benefits of giving potential customers or existing clients a sleek, useful and compact device as a promotional give-away.  The company is giving the hard drives away at a conference to all who attend.

Although many companies maybe couldn’t afford, need to or want to give away a similar promotional gift the benefits for any company who does should be quite substantial.  Imagine getting a branded 500GB hard drive as a gift, any time that you use it you are bound to think of the company and how they gave it to you for free.

A large memory hard drive might be a little outside of many people’s budgets however, some of our custom USB memory sticks go up to a large 32GB memory size and will make a similar impact on clients.

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