Support in the Northamptonshire Community

Support in the Northamptonshire Community

Here at USB2U we have always been proud of our community in Northamptonshire, and during the current crisis we are all living through, this could not be more true.

You have probably read about one of the huge achievements from the county during this time; the Mercedes Formula 1 team's collaboration with UCL to produce a breathing aid that has been approved for use. We are proud to have the factory and team as our neighbours.

We wanted to highlight 5 of the other little things that have made us smile this week in the county and say well done Northants for doing your bit, no matter how small.

1. Local siblings start sharing 'Good News' - Two Northamptonshire sisters have started an initiative to deliver good news to those who sign up to their mailing list, with 5 positive stories every evening being delivered straight to subscribers' inboxes. Check out their Twitter page for a link to signup to the mailshot.

2. Northamptonshire Chamber offers Membership Relief - The Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce have launched a £100,000 fund to support their members through these unprecedented times. Here at USB2U we can empathise with just how much the current crisis can affect local businesses, and organisations such as the Chamber proactively offering a rebate on membership fees is just what these businesses need to help them get through this. Thank you to the Chamber for recognising and helping local businesses as always.

3. Northamptonshire Residents Clap for Local Hospital - Northampton General Hospital asked their Facebook followers to send them videos of local residents clapping for the NHS and were absolutely inundated from those who wanted to share their gratitude for the key workers' hard work. So much so that more recently, on the 2nd wave of clapping, they back tracked and said don't send any more clapping videos because they simply couldn't keep up with the amount being submitted. Bravo Northants, and hats off to all those in the NHS and other critical services for keeping us all going.

4. Local Chemical Manufacturer Launches New Thickener for Hand Gel - Scott Bader based in Irchester, Northants, have in just 10 days produced a Texicryl thickener for hand cleansers to help in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Initiatives such as these executed at the speed in which they have managed to achieve this is just phenomenal and we are proud of our fellow Northamptonshire business.

5. USB2U and Gilt Edged support Northampton General Hospital - Last but not least we wanted to do our small part in helping the local community at this time. Together with our sister company Gilt Edged Promotions, we have contributed towards clothing and provided thousands of lanyards and power banks free of charge to staff members and volunteers at our local NHS hospital. We hope these go some way in helping those on the front line continue to do their amazing work to get us through this crisis.

These five small acts alone prove to us once again why we are happy and so proud to be a part of the Northamptonshire community. We look forward to seeing other positive steps we can contribute as a county to the national effort.


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