Summers Here So Promotional USB Fans Anyone

After expectations were raised last year of a glorious BBQ summer only to be dashed with some pretty torrid and wet weather, this year, the majority of forecasters seem to agree that we’re in for a cracker!

Given the flak they took last year the Met Office are being cagey and suggesting the have “no idea what summer holds”


but this might be more to do with an embarrassed Met Office dropping long-term seasonal forecasts for fear of further criticism. Other forecasters that are prepared to put their necks on the block are talking the summer up and promising long balmy days with a strong likelihood that records will fall in August.

Whilst this is great news for the UK tourist industry and for anyone planning a summer holiday in the UK its not such great news if you’re going to be stuck in a baking hot office with little ventilation and no air-conditioning. Many small businesses in the UK don’t have the luxury of air-conditioning and lots of larger companies are based in old office and warehouse stock where installing air-conditioning is either impossible or prohibitively expensive. Consequently, if the forecasters are right, expect a massive surge in the purchase of desktop fans and portable air-conditioning units this summer.

Given the proliferation of PC’s in most offices another option is to use a USB Fan. These simple and effective fans plug into any spare USB port on the PC and give a refreshing blast of air to the user. They are small, directional, they don’t need any additional power and from a promotional perspective they can be branded and therefore make an idea giveaway.

So, if you’re looking for something a little different this year (well this summer) then you might want to consider a promotional USB fan. They’re sure to be popular, well received and they’re relatively cheap. If you are interested in buying USB fans then given we’re already in June you’ll need to get your orders in quickly.

Of course if you’d prefer branded memory sticks them we have these in abundance!

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