Some Unusual Uses For Branded USB Memory Sticks

Most companies that buy USB Memory Sticks printed or engraved with their logo on will be buying them as a basic promotional product. Typically they are simply given away at trade shows, handed out to customers and clients to build loyalty or drive new business or sometimes they’re used to support a product launch

Increasingly companies are pre-loading the USB memory sticks before they are given away with a usual “pre-load” containing PDF’s of sales brochures, presentation slides, media clips and links to web sites. Pre-loading the drives in this way saves money on print, transportation and the storage of brochures and these savings help build the case to buy the flash drives.

Some Branded USB Memory Sticks are being used in a slightly different and more innovative way and here are just a few examples:

4D Babyscans On a USB Stick

Babybond, the UK’s first ISO Quality Endorsed ultrasound provider is now offering their 4D Bonding Scan results on a USB Memory Stick.

4D Bonding Scans provides levels of early mother and child “bonding” that were simply unattainable prior to the introduction of their service.

The scans produce high quality still and moving images that are captured digitally and these “digital” files are then stored either on a DVD, CD or USB memory stick. The introduction of a USB memory stick as an option to take the Bonding Scan results away on is another innovation introduced by Babybond and reinforces their pioneering approach

Race Track Day Performance Recorded on USB Memory Sticks

USB Track Days

Lots of the race circuits in the UK that offer “Track Day” experiences are now including the option to buy a USB memory stick on the day. The USB sticks dynamically record data from the engine management system and other sensors in the car to show you how well you have driven it. Photos from the day can also be pre-loaded onto the stick to give you a fantastic souvenir from your Track Day.

Talking newspapers on a USB Memory Stick

A Talking Newspaper, as the name implies, is an audio recording of the newspaper(s), magazine or in some cases a summary of local affairs. The recordings are often made by volunteer readers and have historically been recorded onto a cassette tape, or CD that is then posted out to the reader. Today, in some cases, cassette tapes and CD’s are being phased out and replaced with USB memory sticks

Theme Park Ride Photographs on a USB Stick

USB Theme Parks

If you’ve been to a theme park then you’ll no doubt have purchased at least one photograph of yourself looking petrified on a thrill ride! The only problem with these is they are prone to damage once you’ve bought them and you can’t exactly “post” them on social networking sites that easily to show your friends just how daft you looked! So, some of the more innovative Theme Parks are now offering these “action shots” pre-loaded onto a branded USB memory stick.

So, when you think branded USB memory sticks don’t just think of “freebie” promotional items because they are now being used in all manner of interesting and innovative ways.

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