Some Of Our Branded USB Memory Sticks Are Getting A Makeover

Makeovers are all the range at moment. It’s difficult to switch on the TV these days without being challenged to “look 10 years younger” or “look good naked” or for the more adventurous to take the challenge of an “extreme makeover”.

Boots No.7 Twister USB

Taking a lead from the more gentle, non-invasive approaches of these program’s we’ve applied the same principals to some of our branded USB memory sticks and come up with some interesting new looks and styles. Of course changing the colour of the rotating “clip” on a Twister style USB flash drive is not quite as radical as undergoing cosmetic surgery but by applying different coloured clips to the standard models that are usually supplied with a plain silver/metal clip the results are stunning.

The Twister USB flash drive has long been the best selling promotional USB drive and the introduction of these new colour options that allow you to mix and match the body shell with a “clip” in a complimentary colour almost guarantee its position as “top dog” in the branded USB memory sticks market for the foreseeable

Max Factor USB Twister


With a certain degree of irony its interesting to see that some of the first customers to embrace these “madeover” Twister USB drives include two leading cosmetic companies; Boots No.7 and Maxfactor. Of course you’d expect these brands to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s current and hot in the market so perhaps it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. For them it was the black on black option that was the winner but for other clients like the National Trust the ability to mix a metallic finished clip with a pantone matched body shell to create a bespoke look was the way forward.

National Trust Twister USB

Following on from the success of the makeover to our Twister Range of USB flash drives we’ve now got our designers looking at a couple more products within our Classic Range to see if we have any other candidate for a makeover.

If you’re looking for branded USB memory sticks for a forthcoming event, show or promotional activity then just give our team a call and they’ll talk you through the options.

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