Snap, Snap, Snap… Aah!

That’s the sound of the little magnetic boxes closing around the branded memory sticks lovingly presented in their cute little clasp boxes. Sitting snugly in their foam beds inside the boxes are printed memory sticks, resting, ready to spring into life and become brand heroes and data savers.

Magnetic Box - Twister

Commissioned by savvy marketers and brand owners looking for a good value, promotional items and incentives that help reinforce their brand values and company objectives.

Its no overstatement to say that branded flash drives are not only great for saving data onto but used in the right way they can save your marketing event, show or conference. Why? Well, branded memory sticks are hugely popular, people like being given them, they like to use them and they like to talk about being given them. The net result of this is that if its your brand that printed on the memory stick then its going to get noticed, its going to get handed around and its going to get talked about.

Magnetic Box - Twister

And, if you really want to raise the fervour and interest levels even higher then start handing out bespoke flash drives and just wait for the reaction. Bespoke flash drives are not just “standard factory models” printed with your logo on but a fully customised 3-D drive made specifically for you. Of course you need to make sure you’ve produced something interesting, novel and something that catches the imagination but irrespective of what you sell or do this should be possible. Examples of bespoke flash drives that have been a resounding success include; erasers, forklift trucks, wedding dresses and cable trunking ducts (see even the seemingly boring can be sexed up!)

Magnetic Box - Credit Card

So, if you’ve got an sales event coming up, maybe a conference or perhaps a press launch you want to create some “buzz” about then you need to consider a branded flash drive. Even if you’re not sure get in touch with a couple of suppliers and get some samples, get some mock-ups and ask for help with design ideas. Done correctly they should fire your imagination and the suppliers will be only too happy to help, well the good ones will, and if they are not walk away and find another one who will.

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