Showcasing the Mono Twister USB Flash Drive

Its an over used phrase but in the case of the Twister USB flash drive its worth using because it really is difficult to improve on perfection. The Twister (also known as the Swivel drive or Rotate drive) is the undisputed king of the branded flash drive market outselling all other products by some margin.

Its universal appeal and staying power (it has been around for about 6-7 years) is down to several key factors including its relatively small size, the fact that it has no cap to lose and because it takes print really well. It can also of course come in a range of colours including pantone matched body shells so any brand or logo can be made to really stand out against the flash drives body shell colour.

Black black twister flash drive Mono Twister USB - Black

So, as we said, whilst it is difficult to improve on perfection we think we’ve nudged it forward a little with our new series of Mono Twister USB flash drives. These black and white versions of the Twister come with black and white “clips” (the sections that swivel) creating a complete black or white twister drive.

Visually the black/black or white/white versions look stunning particularly when combined with a strong brand or logo as you can see with these examples produced for Maxfactor and Magners.

If you keep the print to one colour (printing white on black as per the Maxfactor example) you also keep the print costs down to a single colour without compromising on the overall effect.

Of course just like the standard Twister model the Mono Twister can be

Twister USB Magners Twister Black Magners

supplied with a free gift box (white or black as you prefer) or a free lanyard, again white or black, as you prefer. We’ll even pre-load up to 100MB of data onto the flash drives free of charge.

So, whilst we, and our customers love the classic Twister flash drive we’re excited about the new Mono version and the opportunities it opens up. If you want to see how your brand or logo might look on one of these new models just give us a call or send us your artwork and our design team will get back to you with a no obligation mock-up.

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