See Your Data With the USB Flash Bag

Like any company trying to be efficient and pro-active as possible we like to keep on top of the industry news. Some news is important and will impact business quite a lot. For example, in the promotional USB memory stick industry the price of flash drives is very volatile and can largely affect the price of the memory sticks.  Other news such as advances in the largest size of flash memory put into a USB pen drive is less likely to have an immediate impact on business.

The USB flash drives is a product that is played with quite a bit by professional and amateur designers and engineers so it is very interesting to see the new uses and aesthetics of new prototypes or concepts.  Our newest find is called the ‘USB Flash Bag’ by designer Mac Funamizu and allows the user to see the data saved onto the small USB memory stick.  Lights underneath the glass shell shows the user how much capacity the drive has used and how much is left, different colours are assigned to a different file type so you can see how much data saved is videos, documents, photos, music etc.  The USB flash drive will also show use the lights to represent the data moving from the computer to the flash drive as it transfers and settles in place.  There is also a cylinder and donut or pie chart design for the drives that would serve the same purpose.

glass USb stick USB Flash Bag

This is a very innovative design for a USB memory stick however; we are not sure how well it would serve as a branded USB flash drive.  Unless the lights could be programmed to show a company’s logo, which would cost a pretty penny, there is not much space on the drive to brand it.  Unfortunately many of the new designs and concepts of USB flash drives are not ideal for the promotional USB memory stick industry.

We understand that most of our customers are looking for something and impressive drive branded with their logo that will make an impact when it is given to prospective customers or existing clients.  For this reason we carefully select the products most relevant for the purpose.

If a little more impact than a logo USB flash drive is needed the ‘USB Flash Bag’ could be given to customers instead.  However, we offer a Custom USB Memory stick service, which is something a little more useful and unique than the flash bag.  The shape, colours, material and memory size can all be customised to suit the needs of the company and make the necessary impact.  Go on! Give our professional in-house design team the chance to add to the creative USB memory stick designs.

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