School Starts Next Week and for many USB Memory Sticks are on the Kit List

For some it will have passed in the blink of an eye but for others the days will have dragged by and they can’t wait for the school summer holidays to be over and to get back to school to meet up with their friends. Many parents will equally breath huge sigh of relief because whilst the lead up to the return to school can be a logistics nightmare at least once the children are back at school some degree of normality can return to day to day life and the cries of “I’m bored” will finally stop.

It only seems a few years ago that the typical kit list for school children included such exotic items as: slide rulers, logarithm tables, protractors, a basic calculator that you could create some really interesting words on by punching in strange number combinations, fountain pens (and refills or ink) plimsolls and a nice leather satchel to carry them all in. My how times have changed!

Today most students, even those just starting out in junior school will expect to be sent off to class equipped with a phone that gets the nod of approval from their mates (ideally a smart phone), a calculator that will have more computing power than most office PC’s did a few years ago and a USB memory stick to allow them to store their work/homework on and carry it to/from home. And whilst there are some lovely leather satchels around these days most kids wouldn’t be seen dead with anything unless it’s got the right sports logo on or it’s from SuperDry, Hollister or Jack Wills!

Rightly or wrongly at an early age many school children have become fashionistas and are as interested in the label and the design as much as they might be interested in the function of any particular item.

School USB Memory Sticks

So whilst lots of schools are buying USB memory sticks and getting them printed with the school logo or crest it will be interesting to see how many of the students are happy to carry and use them in preference to buying their own “branded” USB memory sticks.

In some ways the schools can help buy buying USB memory sticks that they know will appeal to their students – USB wristbands are a good example because most students seem happy to wear all manner of silicone wristbands these days.

Whether the school provides the USB sticks (or wristbands) or whether the parents buy them for their children one things is certain and that’s that most school children this year will find them on their kit lists.

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