Santa Using USB Flash Drives To Store Present List On

In a break with tradition it’s been revealed that this year Santa Claus will be keeping track of his present list and his delivery route on a USB flash drive. Historically Santa and his magical elves have used pen and paper to keep a record of all the letters sent to him and all of the gift requests posted to him at the North Pole. But, as good as they are its been rumoured that the elves are getting overwhelmed with the task and have now decided to use technology to help organise themselves and to ensure that everyone gets the gifts they want.

Traditionalist and some of the elders amongst the elves who work at the North Pole have expressed disappointment at the suggested move and are worried that this might be the beginning of the end for many of their well established and well loved traditions. In response the PR team who represent Santa Claus have made it clear that the use of USB flash drives is not a threat to the tradition of Father Christmas and cite the now established use of email as a way to send a virtual letter to Father Christmas as a way in which technology has enabled more children to engage directly with him and his team of elves.

They go on to say that “Father Christmas and his team are only using a USB flash drive to “back-up” the millions of requests they receive every year” and that the USB drives will not replace the written lists that the elves keep.  Just like any business or operation on this scale they clearly feel that it’s prudent to take maintain a back-up in the event of a disaster and for this they should be applauded.

Santa USB Flash Drive

With the on-going development of GPS technology, global mapping, PC tablets, global 3G broadband its going to be interesting to see what other technology Father Christmas and his team adopt in years to come.  What is clear from the comments emerging from the North Pole is that technology will be used where it is appropriate and where it can aid the delivery of presents to the children of the world but, it will not be used for the sake of it and it most certainly will not be allowed to interfere with or damage the traditions or magic that we all know as Father Christmas

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