USB2U Express Service Requirements

Rush Service USB Flash Drives

Our Express Service has been formulated to meet the needs of today’s ever faster world. We know first hand that deadlines get shorter and shorter with more and more to do; abilities and capacity become stretched to their extreme and this is where our Express Service comes in. For anyone struggling to give that impressive finishing touch in a short timeframe, we can help – we can deliver uniquely branded USB memory sticks within 48 hours of order confirmation, and we hold blank stock of the most popular range of USB flash drives for those that need their promotional USB memory sticks urgently.

However (there’s always a catch) - to achieve these timescales and to make the process as smooth as possible, we do need a bit of help from our customers:

1.    Your artwork needs to be ready and its needs to be available in either EPS, Adobe Illustrator, or any other vectorised format. Our full guidelines can be found here.

2.    Ideally we need the pantone colours for your logo to be supplied at the same time as the artwork – if you don’t have these don’t panic because we can colour match the print to your artwork, but this may take a little longer.

3.    We won’t be able to offer you our full range of memory sticks to choose from. We hold stock in the UK of the most popular sticks including the Twister, Chic and Harbour and we try and hold these in the most commonly requested memory sizes, e.g. 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. It’s always best to call and speak to one of our team about current stock levels.

4.    If you require data loading, we can usually fit this into these tight timescales but since we will do this in-house it will depend on the speed at which you can get the files to us, the size of the files and the availability of our data-loading machine and team.  Despite this, we will always try to accommodate your requirements, just give us a call to discuss the possibility.

5.    We won’t charge you any more for the basic memory sticks but you will have to pay UK print prices which are a little more than those charged by our factory partners in China. We don’t charge any “express” fees or origination charges, we just ask you to pay the higher UK print costs.

6.    If you don’t already have an account with us you will be asked to pay for an Express job before we ship the order from our printers. If you have an account then the standard 30-day payment terms apply.

7.    If you need any accessories such as gift boxes, lanyards or key rings then again we may be able to supply these from stock for you – please give us a call to check stock availability.



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