Rubber Head USB People

Mention the phrase “USB People” to someone in conversation and they’re likely to think you’re referring to people or businesses that sell USB flash drives rather than one of the most popular phenomena to hit the promotional USB market in years.

Rubber Head USB People

In the same context if you overhear people talking about Rubber Head USB People they’re not talking about people with pencil erasers strapped to the top of their heads. Instead, they will be discussing the latest range of the popular USB people flash drives.


The “Original” series of USB people took the market by storm a couple of years back but the Original series all have solid plastic heads and the features are cute but nevertheless pretty flat. The new “Rubber” series brings a little more life, shape and “zing” to the product range. The designers of the standard USB people have used the ability to “sculpt” in rubber to come up with some younger and funkier looking hairstyles and facial expressions.

There are still the same standard uniforms and outfits including pilots, doctors, nurses, delivery drives, airhostesses, construction workers and business people but they’ve pushed the range by adding some quirky “characters” including DJ’s, Wrestlers and Rock Stars. The real beauty of these flash drives is that you can fully customise them to achieve the look you want so if for example you need a UBS person in a traditional Scottish Uniform then not a problem – just

send in your ideas and out in-house design team will work up some concepts for your consideration.

Remember the lead time for a customised version of USB people is around 3-4 weeks so it is a little longer than ordinary printed flash drives but they’re definitely worth the wait.

Don’t be put off by the design either because apart from their incredible human likeness (sic) the USB people flash drives work just like any regular flash drive and they’re available in memory sizes ranging from 512MB to 8GB.

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