Royal Wedding Promotional Gifts – Will USB Flash Drives Feature

One of the more interesting trends is how USB flash drives are being used to celebrate weddings and other memorable personal events. For weddings it’s not unusual for the bride and groom to give personalised “favours” to the guests to say thank you for sharing such a special day with them.

Typically the USB flash drives are personalised with the date of the wedding and an image that reflects the importance of the day. Pre-loaded onto the USB flash drives might be some old photo’s of the bride and groom, other personal items such as favourite records, films and pictures plus details of the wedding itself including the wedding songs and vows- anything just to make the flash drives a really personal gift.

USB Flash Drive - Royal Wedding

The “wedding day USB flash drives” can be given to the guests in a presentation gift box to make them extra special and its not difficult to get the gift box personalised as well so that the whole thing fits in with the theme of the day.

Wedding photographers are also getting in on the move towards USB flash drives with many now offering the happy couple the option of getting their wedding portfolio delivered on a branded USB drives. Some photographers are taking this approach one step further and offering the USB drives to the wedding guests as well as an alternative to ordering traditional prints.

USB Memory Sticks - Royal Wedding

With the recent announcement of the wedding of the Prince William of Wales and Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Middleton at Westminster Abbey on the 29th April 2011 it will be interesting to see if USB flash drives feature in any way, either as an  “official” or “unofficial” collectable. It has already been suggested that the royal wedding will deliver a £620million boost to the UK economy and a reasonable proportion of this will come from the sale of goods to commemorate the event.

Traditional commemorative items like cups, mugs, plates and coins are likely to be amongst the old favourites but this will be the first Royal Wedding where USB flash drives could also make an appearance. If the trend amongst the Prince’s subjects is anything to go by then expect commemorative Royal Wedding USB memory sticks pre-loaded with lots of pictures and background information to be in production already!

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