Roll Out The Barrel – Unique Branded Memory Sticks

Historically barrels were manufactured for the storage and transportation of dry and wet goods. The type of wood used in the barrel’s manufacture tended to determine whether the barrel was used for dry goods (pine) or wet goods (hard woods such as oak and redwood). For many, barrels or casks are associated with the wine and fine spirits industry where they are not only used for long term storage and transportation but to add flavour to the end product.

The art of barrel making, is an ancient skill known as Cooperage and despite advances in technology it still widely practised today.

USB Barrel

Whilst we don’t profess to be trained in the art of “cooperage” we do have our own novel twist of the barrel and that’s our new little USB Barrel’s. These are just as lovingly made and come in a range of different wood finishes just like the originals. Just like conventional USB memory sticks these cure little USB barrels store data rather than wine or whisky!

The beauty of the USB Barrels, apart from their great design, is that they are incredibly strong and they are robust enough to go onto a key ring and take the punishment anything attached to a set of keys gets. Of course they can be printed, embossed or engraved with your logo and we can supply them in gift boxes as well.

USB Barrels

The USB barrels are an excellent choice if you are promoting any drink related products or products that would typically be carried and stored in dry barrels such as tea or coffee.

So, if you are looking for something a little bit different, a little bit “left field” then you might want to consider a USB Barrel rather than just a standard branded memory stick.

If you’re interested in getting a quote and mock up of your brand or logo on one of our USB Barrels just give our team a call and email over your artwork and we’ll do the rest!

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