Relax in the Promotional USB Stick Game and you’re someone else’s Lunch!

In the promotional USB memory stick market you can’t rest on your laurels because your competitors will “eat your lunch”. Competition is fierce, new suppliers are entering the market every week and the market has been thrown into turmoil over the last few months with instability in the supply of flash memory and a turbulent foreign exchange market (flash is traded in $ USD and the pounds recent dramatic fall against the $ has pushed prices up again.).

Against this backdrop demand for promotional USB memory sticks continues unabated. Already the most popular promotional give-away product in the UK the challenge for market leading suppliers like USB2U who want to maintain their dominant position is to ensure that they continue to invest, innovate and focus very clearly on providing an unparalleled level of service at an affordable price (without any sacrifice on quality!)

Not a company to shirk a challenge USB2U has:

  1. Made a further six figure investment technology that allows them to produce, print and data-load thousands of promotional USB sticks in their 4,000 sq ft state of the art facility in Northampton. The investment also allows for a significant increase in the number of USB sticks that can be personalized and delivered in as little as 24hrs!

    Additionally it has strengthened its team bringing the total headcount up to 18. This includes a doubling of their design staff to allow them to turn around the significant volume of free mock-up requests that flow in every day as well.

  2. Recently added a number of new USB models to its already impressive range of promotional USB memory sticks and doubled the range of printed gift box solutions it now offers.  New additions include a wooden bodied “Twister” with a metal clip, the “Glide”, a very attractive capless USB stick and a sleek looking model with a good flat print area called the “Shadow”

    More new models will be released this week including a new style of USB pen, a new USB “slap on” wristband and a new USB Credit Card!

  3. Finally USB2U has been a pioneer in the use of 3rd party customer review sites like TrustPilot  These independent sites allow customer to leave feedback on the service they have received (good and bad) and they act as a good barometer for other prospective customers looking to use the services of any company. With a ranking of “Excellent” and a score of 9.6 (garnered from nearly 1,000 reviews) USB2U is clearly doing something right.

With the UK economy starting to look up and with UK firms feeling more confident about the future USB2U appear well placed to take advantage of the continued demand for promotional USB memory sticks.

New Wooden USB Twisters from USB2U

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