Ready-to-stick USB Flash Drives

If you’ve already got your marketing material sorted, printed and ready to go but you want to add some digital content to it then these new “Ready-to-stick USB Flash Drives” are a fantastic solution.

The base comes with pre-affixed sticky tape which you just peel off and then it’s just a question of fixing them in place – they’re ideal for adding to business cards, marketing flyers, brochures, user manuals, conference folders, anything!


The small USB stick that comes with the “ready-to-stick” base can be supplied in a wide range of memory sizes from 128MB all the way up to 16GB so there is plenty of scope to get creative with what you load onto the flash drives – think promotional videos, copies of presentation slides (an obvious choice for press events, conferences and seminars), price lists, press releases – anything!

You don’t even have to worry about loading the data onto the promotional USB flash drives yourself either because if you have it ready (and we know this can be a challenge) then we can data-load all of the USB flash drives for you before we ship them out – no one in their right minds wants to be sitting in the office data-loading USB sticks one at a time – leave it to the professionals. We use the latest professional data loading kit to transfer files onto the USB sticks in bulk and the kit tests each stick when it’s finished to make sure the data has transferred properly!

Ready-to-stick USB Flash Drives

You could print the “Ready –to-stick” USB Flash drives but typically they are left unprinted although some customers have printed some basic (text) instructions on the flash drive.  They come in a wide range of colours and we usually hold them in stock for same day delivery (assuming they are not printed).

Don’t just think “marketing” with these either – they can replace anything that you currently send out printed. You could for example look to supply “User Manuals” on them – just attach one of these to your product and you’ve very easily and simply supplied your customer with a comprehensive user manual (with videos and web links) and you’ll have cut down your printing costs, you’ll have reduced the weight of your packaging, reduced its footprint (including its carbon footprint) and you’ll reduce your transportation costs. It really does delivery a “win win” for everyone.

Yes you could just put this information on the web and ask your customers to view it their but people still like (expect) to be given this sort of information with their products when they buy it.

We think “Ready-to-stick” USB Flash drives are going to be a really popular addition to our portfolio – call us for a free sample and pricing.

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