Qingming Festival Impacts USB Flash Drive Production

Next Monday and Tuesday most factories that produce branded USB flash drives will close to allow their employees to celebrate Qingming or Tomb Sweeping Day as it is commonly referred to in the West.


The Qingming festival and tradition dates back more than 2,500 and it’s an opportunity for families to get together and honour their ancestors. Many will visit the graves of their ancestors and clean off any accumulated debris, moss, and weeds, hence the expression “tomb sweeping”. At the same time they will typically offer up food and tea in celebration of the lives of their ancestors.

The Qingming festival period is also seen as a time for expressing joy and celebrating life. This manifests itself in kite flying, the start of courtships, family outings and the sowing of seeds by farmers.

On Wednesday all of the staff return to work and production of flash drives will commence again. This is an important and traditional public holiday but like all public holidays it does have a knock on effect on the wider economy. But, in the context of how hard and diligently the staff in the factories work not only are these holidays an import break for them but they will very quickly catch up with any backlogs.

If you are ordering branded USB flash drives over the next few days please factor in the small delay that this public holiday will introduce.

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