PVC Flash Drives: A More Affordable Custom Memory Stick Option

We’ve said it many times before and we’ll say it again, custom USB flash drives help you stand out from the crowd of competitors. With nearly all markets in the business world becoming more and more crowded and harder to be heard it is imperative that companies can stand out and be noticed.  Think about the massive budgets that are spent on TV campaigns compared to the amount of adverts that you actually watch with the technology in TV nowadays or, even more importantly the number of adverts you remember for what they were advertising.  We are persuaded that some of the most effective marketing is getting something physical in someone’s hand that will make and impact and that they can use and interact with.  That’s why we believe a custom USB memory stick is the perfect option.

PVC USB FLash Drive Examples PVC USB FLash Drive Examples

The word ‘custom’ may put many people off because it sounds expensive.  Custom USB flash drives will cost a little more than the standard branded USB memory sticks however the cost is continually decreasing with falling set-up and production costs.  However, if you are looking for a custom shaped USB flash drive but are on a tight budget we have just the thing for you, Custom PVC Flash Drives.

Our custom PVC drives can be produced in any 2-D shape allowing for a lot of creativity and they also come in five standard shapes; circle, square, oval, t-shirt and rectangle.  The drives can be printed in full colour, which makes it effective for complex logos and detailed images.  They’re lightweight and slightly squidgy and the USB connector slides back into the body when not in use so there is no cap to loose.  Basically the PVC USB flash drives have all the benefits of a custom USB flash drive but without any large tooling and set-up costs and they are available with a much more aggressive lead time.

Due to their low material costs a promotional USB PVC memory stick would be an excellent give-away at a trade event where contact will be made with a lot of potential customers.  The flash drives can be filled with a memory capacity of 64MB to 16GB giving a lot of flexibility and ultimate customisation.

To spend your marketing budget a little more effectively and to see some more examples of our custom PVC flash drives visit the Custom PVC Flash Drive product page or just dive right in and get a quote.

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