Promotional USB Memory Stick Shortage Looms Large

Having supplied USB memory sticks for the last 10 years it’s fair to say we’ve got pretty tuned in to the way in which the market works and the various “pinch points” in supply that happen throughout any given year.

During these “pinch points” the usual lead times for promotional USB memory sticks of around 7-10 days can get stretched to 20 days! The reason is typically because of a national holiday in China which means USB Memory Stick production plants close, transport infrastructure becomes bottlenecked and backlogs build up. The problem gets exacerbated because customers panic and they rush to get orders submitted before the holiday’s start which in turn creates additional pressure before the holidays start and adds to the backlog when the holidays are over and the staff return to the factories.

We’re rapidly approaching one of the two bigger holidays in China; National Day holiday and Golden Week and this extended public holiday will result in lengthy delays to lead times. National Day is on the 1st October but most factories and office close for at least 1 week to allow their staff to return to the provinces to be with their families.  In preparation for the holidays the factories stop taking orders on or around the 21st September and won’t accept new orders until the 8th October. (even if orders are accepted during this period it’s unlikely they will be worked on until the 8th Oct at the earliest).

If you need promotional USB memory sticks any time during the next 4 weeks then our advice is to get your order in now and get your place in the production queue secured. If you wait until next week then beware of any promises you are given on delivery or find a UK supplier that holds stock locally and can print or engrave your USB Sticks in the UK.

Buying locally will de-risk your order and ensure you get your printed USB memory sticks when you need them but the challenge will be finding a supplier in the UK that holds stock and has the capability to print or engrave them. A small number do but typically those that do only hold a very small range of products and a limited range of memory options.

At USB2U we’ve learnt over the years that customers need support during this period which is why we hold large quantities of USB sticks that we can print or engrave in-house. We also offer a “Super Fast” 24hr turnaround service on a wide range of USB sticks, a service that is designed to get customers out of trouble.

If you do find yourself struggling to source USB memory sticks at any time over the next 3-4 weeks then give us a call and speak to one of our experienced sales team and they’ll talk you through the options for USB sticks and printed packaging and gift boxes

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