Promotional USB Flash Drives - Do You Box

Having been around for 10 years some people have already suggested that promotional USB flash drives are past their sell by date and the market is in decline. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Continued falls in the price of flash drives coupled with high levels of competition in the market have actually driven sales up over the past few years and the appetite for promotional flash drives continues unabated.

Companies, schools and universities are increasingly finding novel ways to use their flash drives. The relatively cheap access to gigabytes of data storage is fuelling their creativity. If you’re given a promotional flash drive today then expect, in most cases, for it to be crammed full of media files, data files, product sheets, social media links and so on. If you’re the company buying promotional drives then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you discover how much £2 - £3 per stick will buy you! (Certainly compared to just 2 -3 years ago)

With costs of the core product falling its perhaps no surprise that more and more people are spending an extra 20p – 40p to get a printed gift box to go with them. And don’t think for this trivial amount of money you’re going to get something tacky because you’re not – surprisingly this will buy you a plastic magnet box printed with your logo and supplied with a custom fit foam insert to fit snuggly around your drives!

If your USB flash drives are going into a media pack or just handed out at a trade show or sales event then a gift box might be overkill but if you’re handing them out as a “thank you”, perhaps to delegates or speakers at a conference then they are better given away in a gift box.

Bear in mind that the large, flat surface offered by the box gives you lots of scope to print larger and more complex images than you can typically print on the flash drive itself. So if you’re want to reinforce your marketing strap-line or perhaps print out your phone number and website then doing it on one side of the box is a great option.

If you are interested in getting some gift boxes for your branded USB flash drives its worth keeping an eye out for any special offers from USB drive suppliers. In a highly competitive market it’s common for suppliers to occasionally offer “free” printed gift boxes with orders of a certain quantity.

Promotional USB Flash Drive Gift Boxes Promotional USB Flash Drive Gift Boxes

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