Promotional USB Fans Make Cool Giveaways

Phew – with summer kicking in early this year temperatures in offices up and down the country are rising fast. Unless you happen to work in air conditioned offices or even better if you can open your windows and get a blast of cool air its not such an issue but if you can’t it can get pretty uncomfortable.

USB fans

How good it would be in these circumstances if your could reach for a trusty USB fan and plug it into your PC to give you instant and localised air conditioning (well a flow of air anyway to keep your cool anyway).

USB fans are powered by the PC they are plugged into, there is no separate power supply or batteries to worry about and the fans can be positioned to point directly at you. Despite their size they push out a good amount of breeze, they’re quiet and they take up very little space on your desktop.

If you’re looking for a promotional giveaway that’s a little bit different, that really delivers some value to the user and consequently is going to get used then USB fans should be on your short-list. The USB fans can be branded on the top – this is the section of the fan that will typically be pointing directly at the user so your brand will be associated with all the benefits the fan delivers.

Of course its unlikely the USB fans will be used all year round but if you’re running a seasonal campaign then they’re ideal.

Whilst we are best known for our promotional USB flash drives we also supply a wide range of USB gifts, gadgets and USB speakers that can all be branded up and this includes USB fans!

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