Promotional USB Cards with a Removable USB Stick

One of the more popular promotional USB products to hit the market over the last couple of years has been the USB card. The early versions of these were all credit card shaped but they were much thicker than a standard credit or bank card at around 4-5mm. The latest versions are now super slim at just 2mm and they can be printed in full colour across the whole surface of the card (front and back) which makes them an ideal marketing tool.

Compared to standard USB memory sticks where you can typically only print on a small part of the stick the USB cards look great because every square millimetre of the card can be printed on and because the surface is nice and flat the results look stunning!

Different Styles of USB Cards

But it’s not just the thickness of these cards that has changed. The new cards are now available in a range of different shapes; squares, circles, ovals, triangles and rectangles. These new options throw up all sorts of interesting branding ideas – we’ve already produced USB Maltesers on the circular USB cards, USB condoms packs on the square USB cards, car badges on the oval cards and name badges on the mini rectangular USB cards!

The innovation hasn’t stopped with the increasing thinness and shape of the cards – we now have a new version of the USB credit card where the USB connector can be removed from the “host” card and used like a mini USB stick. Like all of the other cards this new version is only 2mm thick and can be printed in full on both sides but the USB element slides out from the card – don’t worry, it slides back in again as well and its precision engineered so when returned to the “host” credit card it won’t accidentally fall out.

USB Credit Cards

Arguably these cards are a little easier to use than the standard ones that have a “flip out” mechanism which some people find a little fiddly until they are used to how they work. The “slide” option is certainly more intuitive but as ever a lot of it is down to personal preference.

At the moment the slider option is only available on the larger credit card version but we expect to introduce some other shape options soon.

If you’re interested in seeing what your logo or design might look like on any of our USB cards then simply drop us an email ([email protected]) with your artwork and we’ll work up a range of different mock-ups for you – no cost and no obligation!

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